The Pypestream Reporting API is the most advanced programmatic method to access automation, conversation and agent data in Pypestream. With Pypestream Reporting API, you can

  • Build custom dashboards to display Pypestream data
  • Automate complex reporting tasks to save time.
  • Integrate your Pypestream data with other business applications.


The Pypestream Reporting API gives you access to Pypestream powerful data reporting. The API provides these key features:

  • Conversation reports: This report track conversation-specific information, such as a user flow or agents associated with a conversation. This information can assist solution managers and operation teams to determine how well agents and solutions are performing.

  • Agent reports: This report track agent-specific information, such as agent statuses and number of conversation assigned. This information can assist operation teams to determine resources needs and agent performances.

The Reporting API is provided for users to collect and process information within their own data warehouses, then submit their processed information to their internal dashboard systems. Users should not directly link their dashboard systems directly to the Reporting API.

Note: This service is currently available upon request on a Pype per Pype basis. Data is available for a period of 30 days. The reporting API must be used using HTTPS protocol.

Rate Limiting

Users are limited as to how many requests they can make to the Reporting API at a time. Please keep within the following limits when making requests:

400 requests/hour

5 concurrent requests

If these limits are reached, then additional requests for this user will be ignored until the proper time period has elapsed.