The Pypestream Contact Center API allows developers to build integrations between Pypestream and contact centers. The Contact Center API supports communication between end-users and agents.

With Pypestream's Contact Center API, you can

  • Escalate conversation to agents from a Pype and other messaging channels (Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Check agents availability to provide alternative escalation mechanisms
  • Provide context to agents to support the end-user in a timely fashion


The Pypestream Contact Center API gives you access to Pypestream escalation capabilities. The API provides these key features:

  • Send and receive messages: Send the end-user message to and from the agent, to be able to communicate from the Pype or messaging channels (Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.)

  • Conversation history: Enable agents to review the solution chat history when the chat is escalated.

  • Typing indicator: Inform the end-user if an agent is typing, or vice versa.

  • Agents availability: Check agents availability and hours of operations upon escalating a chat.

  • Agents wait time: Indicate the wait time to the end-user

  • End conversation Indicate to end-users and to agents, if the other party is no longer available.

  • Skill based routing Enable end-users to be escalate to the right agent group, based on the agent skill.

  • Settings configuration Enable to review and edit the Contact Center setting.