API Keys

The Username and Password for HTTP Basic authentication are retrieved by Conversation Managers through the following process:

  • Log into Pypestream.
  • Select the Conversations tab
  • Select Admin.
  • Select Pypestream API.
  • Select Create API Key.
  • Select a name for the API Key, and select the checkbox.
  • The Client ID and Client Secret displayed to represent the HTTP Basic Authentication username and password.


Conversation information can contain private Customer information. To minimize exposure, Pypestream recommends the following:

  • Separate Keys: Agent Managers should generate a separate key for each developer so requests can be monitored to specific requests.
  • No Shared Keys: Developers should not be allowed to share keys with each other, or use each other's keys.

For more information regarding security and compliance, please reach out to your Pypestream Success Manager.